Premium/Retiree Billing

Understanding Premium/Retiree Billing

We recognize you may have many Premium/Retiree Billing participants and different carriers, but Benefit Advantage will tailor our services to meet the needs of your Company.

Premium/Retiree Billing services are generally offered in conjunction with COBRA and State Continuation Services, and Benefit Advantage can offer the accuracy and timeliness that administration requires. 

Services Include

  • Access to experienced employee benefits professionals
  • All inclusive fees: no additional charges or hidden fees
  • Billing, collection, and remittance of premiums
  • Enrollment assistance and materials, including open enrollment services
  • Complete record keeping
  • Complete management of Plan eligibility, including enrollment, termination, and status changes
  • Complete review of company retiree policies
  • Multiple methods available for collecting premiums from the retiree
  • Guaranteed privacy of personal health information
  • On-line activity reporting available 24/7
  • Retiree assistance—reducing the need for retirees to contact the employer
  • Toll-free support and guidance
Our Administration Can Help You
  • Save administrative costs by billing, monitoring and reconciling premiums paid for health, life, dental, vision or any other coverage.

    Benefit Advantage will compile employee data, benefit information, billing information, monitor activity, generate invoices, reconcile billings, and provide administrative billing reports. By centralizing processing, improved efficiencies in billing reconciliation, eligibility tracking, enrollment assistance, and disbursement of premiums will be immediately evident.

  • Reduce unproductive tasks and paperwork by centralizing billing for health, life, dental and vision premiums.

    Benefit Advantage will track all information related to Premium Billings for your participants. In addition, detailed reporting will be provided on a monthly basis to you. Data quality and timeliness of services is the forefront of our Premium Billing Administration.

  • Toll Free superior customer services for you and your participants.

    Our highly trained team of professionals are always available to answer your questions as well as your participants’ billing questions. We will provide the most courteous, professional service available.

At Benefit Advantage, we offer an easy, cost-effective way to manage your Premium/Retiree Billing and relieve you and your staff of this administrative burden.