It’s a complex world with a myriad of federal regulations, mailings, notifications, and documents needed to keep our companies compliant. Benefit Advantage can help you with a number of these activities … everything from an updated Plan Document or SPD to a simple mailing.

Our compliance service removes the burden of creating documents or preparing for large mailings without the appropriate fulfillment technology. Give us a call!

Compliance Documents/Mailings

  • Plan Documents/SPD Updates
  • Certificates of Credible Coverage (CCC), as requested
  • General DOL Notices
  • Women’s Cancer rights
  • Medicare Part D Notices
  • CHIP Notices
  • Etcetera

ERISA Compliance

  • Collect Benefit Plan information
  • Prepare ERISA compliant Wrap Documents

Open Enrollment

  • Online Enrollment for all benefits Accessible by active employees, retirees, and COBRA members
  • Paper enrollment
  • Mail benefit plan materials

Dependent Eligibility Verification

  • Follow up with recently added dependents to verify Plan eligibility
  • Verify birth records
  • Verify marriage certificates
  • School schedules/records

5500 Preparation

  • Collection of schedules
  • Completion of 5500 for DOL

Non Discrimination Testing

  • Collection of Employee Census data
  • Annually perform Non-discrimination Testing for Welfare Benefit Plans