About Us

Benefit Advantage was established in 1989 as a customer service organization to provide COBRA Administration, Flexible Spending Account Administration and other services to organizations in the upper midwest. We now offer a myriad of benefit administration services and have a national reach.


Benefit Advantage is a national third party administrator (TPA) providing high quality, best in class COBRA, Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Account, Health Savings Account, and other specialized Benefit Administration Services.


Benefit Advantage is a customer friendly, innovative, responsive industry leader and provides fast, high quality service to our customers and agents. Our error free work environment allows us to profitably grow our business and expand into additional markets. We have a mindset of continuous improvement and maintain both technological competence and regulatory compliance.


Benefit Advantage requires that our people work effectively with each other to serve our customers and achieve our goals. How we work together is measured against four guiding principles. Taken together, these non-negotiable values unite us and guides both our decision-making and our actions.


Meet commitments made to customers, suppliers and co-workers with urgency and professionalism. Achieve operational and administrative excellence in everything we do.



Communicate openly and honestly. Build relationships based on trust. Meet every challenge with enthusiasm and a positive, can-do attitude.



Honor customers with superior service and integrity. Communicate frequently and candidly with associates about performance and development opportunities.



Support and embrace creativity and imagination. Respect traditions but do not allow them to impede change.